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Gut Health for Pets

October 11th 2021

Gut Health in Pets—Why Your Dog’s or Cat’s Whole Body Depends on It!Your pet’s gut health impacts much more that his digestion. Everything in the body is affected by the microbiome, and it is up to you to nourish it.Inside the intestinal tract of every human and animal lives a   ▸

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Herbal Health Tips: Slippery Elm

September 14th 2021

Herbal Health Tips: Slippery Elm PowderThe herb Slippery Elm has some amazing healing powers for both the intestinal tract and the skin. It is a very useful herb to have on hand. Below are some uses for slippery elm and directions on how to use it! SLIPPERY ELM Properties: "           Causes swollen tissues to   ▸

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Holistic and Integrative Dental Care

November 8th 2020

As part of our holistic care for our patients, dental health treatments are one of the most important parts of whole-body pet health. Dental wellness exams identify potential or existing concerns. We discuss the condition of your pet’s teeth, and ways of maintaining dental health, including brushing teeth, having your pets   ▸

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Why, (and how!) We Spay and Neuter

July 26th 2020

Surgical sterilization of dogs and cats has been a major part of the medical care for pets for decades. As pets have become an ever-larger part of our emotional family, the wish to keep them healthy and happy has grown. “Preventive medicine” procedures that help avoid health issues from developing   ▸

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