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Holistic and Integrative Aids to better Healing in Dental Care

September 6th 2023

Holistic and Integrative Aids to better Healing in Dental CareAs part of our holistic care for our patients, dental health treatments are one of the most important parts of whole-body pet health. Dental wellness exams to identify potential or existing concerns, usually followed by comprehensive cleaning, perhaps extractions of seriously   ▸

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Pre-Surgical Blood Tests

August 10th 2023

The Benefits to you and your pet of Pre-Surgical Blood Testing: Just like in human medicine, we strongly recommend pre-surgical blood testing. This is to ensure the safety and better overall health of your pet. The blood tests we run in a "pre-anesthetic mini panel test" check for your pets red and   ▸

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A First Aid Kit for Pets

March 20th 2022

Spring is on its way, and many of us will be outside much more, exploring and playing with our four footed friends. Even though we do our best to be careful, accidents and injuries can occur. It is best to be prepared, and having a first aid kit on hand   ▸

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Gut Health for Pets

October 11th 2021

Gut Health in Pets—Why Your Dog’s or Cat’s Whole Body Depends on It!Your pet’s gut health impacts much more that his digestion. Everything in the body is affected by the microbiome, and it is up to you to nourish it.Inside the intestinal tract of every human and animal lives a   ▸

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