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"We started our rehab journey when our one year old rescue mix started limping with no known cause. After seeing Dr. Wanda, she suggested rehab. Our initial appointment with BJ was awesome! We learned so much about our dog, rehab and the journey moving forward. After seeing some results of water treadmill, laser therapy and ultrasound, we asked the amazing rehab team how we could get the best results. We upped our dogs rehab to 2-3 times a week and within a month we saw amazing results. She was no longer limping, she was so strong, and she was running, playing, and doing all the dog things without limping. After a big accident our dog was diagnosed with bilateral elbow dysplasia. The Rehab team encouraged us through the journey and offered many solutions leading up to the surgery, during immediate recovery and now as we continue rehab. Their advice, education, and experiences are worth listening too! Our dog would not be anywhere near where she is today without this amazing team, their support and ongoing care for our dog."

"The rehab team at HTHVC is incredibly innovative and supportive of specialized dog mobility needs. We began working with BJ and her rehab team 6 months after our German shepherd began to show symptoms of degenerative myelopathy. Since September 2021, the rehab team has helped to slow the progression of Kira’s DM and significantly improve her quality of life using water treadmill and laser therapy. BJ continuously devises innovative strategies to keep Kira moving as her mobility changes over time. Kira loves attending her biweekly appointments as the entire team supports her and makes her feel special. We can’t thank BJ and the entire rehab team enough for everything they have done to help Kira and give us more quality years together."