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Water Treadmill

Water treadmill therapy is an efficient workout and rehab tool for pets, as the water resistance strengthens muscles and the buoyancy helps reduce the impact on joints. Excellent candidates for water treadmill therapy include: Our water treadmill is built to customize to your pet's needs. Adjustable water levels, speeds, and safety measures all contribute to the custom plan that will be built to help your pet succeed.

Commonly Asked Questions

What is a water treadmill?
A water treadmill is an enclosed treadmill that fills up water to your dog's needs. The water is warm at around 30°C
What are the benefits of a water treadmill?
  1. The water height gives buoyancy to your pet and allows them to only carry about 40% of their body weight. This is especially good for postoperative patients as weight bearing on the surgical leg can be challenging.
  2. The water creates resistance which is great for building strength. The resistance along with the buoyancy makes an excellent controlled environment to help pets gain muscle.
  3. The water temperature is set to 30°C. This helps relieve pain in the muscles and joints while also relaxing the muscle to allow it to stretch on the treadmill.
Why not just swim my dog?
When dogs swim in a pool or river, they tuck up their hind legs, mostly pedaling with their front legs. This means that the hind legs of our pets are not being used or exercised. Water treadmill differs in this regard as it is set at a low enough height that our patients need to walk in the water, instead of swim.
What makes our treadmill special?
  • The water treadmill in our practice is a lower rider model. This means it specializes in smaller breeds, but works well for all sizes.
  • Has a built-in filtration system.
  • Adjustable water height accommodates your pet's needs.
  • Clear walls and doors for easy viewing and monitoring.
  • 2 doors for entry. This gives multiple options to ensure your pet's comfort getting in and out of the treadmill.
  • Custom ramp with slow incline for pets to reach the doors.
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