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Home Exercise Plan

Many exercises, massage techniques, and stretches can be done easily at home, so why not do them at home? We want our pet owners to be educated on their pet's needs and learn techniques that can help them use items around the house. Home programs are tailored to your pet's needs, your living space, and your schedule.

What are considered “exercises”? Therapeutic exercises are movements that help your pet obtain the goal in mind. This can be increasing flexibility, enhancing balance, and strength training. Some examples of therapeutic exercises are: With the goals in mind and your pet's specific needs, we create an exercise plan for you and your pet to follow. This plan is also accustomed to your schedule. Without the owner present to do the exercises, they will not get done! So planning according to the pet owners schedule is a priority in our planning.

We create a customizable home plan for you to continue your pet's rehab program. With follow-up visits, we can modify and add new exercises to continue strengthening. The home program is designed to have a library acquired to have access at any time.

Commonly Asked Questions

Does this happen at home or at the clinic?
Most of the exercises are practiced at home but are first shown in the clinic. If our clients find trouble completing certain exercises, we will help guide them through the exercise until they are comfortable and confident in the activity at their next rehab visit. Confidence in the owner is absolutely key for some exercises!

What does a consumer need to buy in order to use these exercises?
We try to keep rehab as accessible as possible. This includes financial accessibility. We try to include household items in your pet's exercise routine. This can include couch cushions, pillows, towels, and more. This way it can remain low cost, and you don’t have to worry about selling all of your rehab equipment later! If by chance there is a specific tool you need to use, we do offer rental services.
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