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A First Aid Kit for Pets

March 20th 2022
Spring is on its way, and many of us will be outside much more, exploring and playing with our four footed friends. Even though we do our best to be careful, accidents and injuries can occur. It is best to be prepared, and having a first aid kit on hand is one of the best precautions we can make.

A well stocked Pet First Aid Kit should contain the following items:

Blunt Nose Scissors                                                                         Emergency Blankets                                                         Triple Antibiotic Ointment (Polysporin)          
Cotton Swabs (Q-Tips)                                                                     Portable Food and Water Bowl                                         Tri-Buffered Aspirin Tablets
Small and Large Plastic Syringe (No needles)                                 Emergency Meal and Water                                              Antihistamine Tablets (Benadryl or Claritin)
BPS Free Water Bottlle (filled)                                                          Doggie Walk/Clean-up Bags                                             Peptobismol or Kaopectate liquid (4 fl oz)
Latex-Free Gloves                                                                            Pets Toy                                                                             Water Based Protectant (K-Y Jelly)
Ticked-Off Tick Remover                                                                  Pet First Aid Book                                                              Styptic Powder
Tweezers                                                                                          Emergency contact names and numbers                          Homeopathic Arnica drops or pellets (30C or 200C)
Digital Thermometer                                                                         Some emergency cash
1" White Adhesive Tape Roll                                                            One-size-fits-alll Temporary Muzzle
Non-Stick Pads for burns (6)                                                            Cold Packs
Gauze Squares (10)                                                                         Anttiseptic Towelettes
Gauze Rolls (4)                                                                                3% Hydrogen Peroxide (4 fl oz)
Flex-Wrap Self-Adhering Elastic Bandage                                       Saline Solution Eye Wash (4 fl oz)
(and/or Vetrap)                                                                                 Chlorhexidine Cleanser (Hibitane liquid soap)
Triangular Bandage for slling/splints or bandannas                         Iodine Swab Sticks

Remember to take a Pet First Aid and CPR Class, as the items in your kit are only as good as your knowledge of how to use them.

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