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Holistic and Integrative Dental Care

November 8th 2020

As part of our holistic care for our patients, dental health treatments are one of the most important parts of whole-body pet health. 
Dental wellness exams identify potential or existing concerns. We discuss the condition of your pet’s teeth, and ways of maintaining dental health, including brushing teeth, having your pets chew on hard chews and bones, and using food and alternative products that alter the pH of your pet’s mouth to decrease plaque build-up.
If we find dental issues in your pet’s mouth, we will recommend a comprehensive cleaning, perhaps including extractions of seriously diseased teeth and any other procedures needed to reduce infection and inflammation and restore health to your pet’s mouth.
As part of the advanced care we can provide during and after the dental procedure, we recommend several holistic and integrative treatments that can speed healing, reduce complications, and improve patient comfort. These include:
-Acupuncture/acupressure: Used for analgesic and anti-inflammatory benefits. In hospital they are applied before, during, and after the dental procedure. After a dental procedure, pet owners can apply acupressure gently to a point called LI 4 on the front paw to aid post-operative discomfort.
-Laser Therapy: promotes tissue repair and reduces pain and inflammation and enhances healing blood flow and cellular energy production. This can be done at the end of the dental procedure while the pet is recovering from anesthetic.
-Ozone Therapy: recognized by the American Dental Association for treatment of dental abscesses, medical ozone therapy kills pathogens (bacteria, viruses, fungi), increases oxygen delivery to tissues, and decreases pain, inflammation, and swelling. Ozone formulated medications must be made immediately before use, but then are used to flush diseased dental pockets and tissues, injected around infected teeth and gums, and applied post operatively to dental surgery sites and affected gums.
-Homeopathic remedies: several homeopathic remedies can be very helpful to minimize inflammation and soreness, including Arnica, Hypericum and Phosphorus. We give a dose orally immediately following the dental, and send home a combination of remedies for the owner to administer to their pet.
Along with the treatments described above, herbs, essential oils and veterinary orthopedic manipulation may be used to improve the healing processes.
In conclusion, the application of various integrative techniques in veterinary dentistry can help provide improved outcomes for your pet, with faster healing, improved levels of comfort, and more rapid recovery from infection, hemorrhage, and pain.
We are confident this offers you further steps along the path to better dental health for your pet: we will include the fee for these services in the overall dental quote for you to choose if you wish. 
Thank you, and Best Wishes for the health of your pet!
Dr. Wanda Vockeroth, Dr. Alexandria Horner, Dr. Tony Gerrow
And the entire Health Care Team at Healing Traditions Holistic Veterinary Clinic

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